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Is your family moving to Boulder or are you a current resident seeking a new school in the Boulder Area?


From relocation to shaping your child's academic, social, and emotional growth, we've got you covered! 


While moving to Boulder and envisioning a new lifestyle is really exciting, it comes with a lot of stress for a family. We help you every step of the way as you rebuild your lifestyle and connect to your new community - everything from school selection to recommendations on realtors, doctors, extracurriculars, camps, family activities...really anything that will smooth your transition.


We leverage our professional and personal experience to provide guidance and compassion to parents as they explore Boulder school choices for their family.  With us, you gain access to information beyond what you read on a school website. Our research is extensive and has included visiting many schools, building relationships with educational professionals, and striving to stay current on the Boulder Valley educational landscape.


We believe that fostering strengths while supporting challenges  shapes self-confidence and success.   We provide you with strategies and resources to best nurture your child's social, emotional, and academic potential.  

How can I make our move to Boulder less stressful?

Is my neighborhood school my only option?

How do I foster my  child's strengths while supporting challenges?

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