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Marina Bernstein

Marina's passion for education began over 18 years ago when she decided to leave the corporate world and pursue a career in education. Having worked both in the classroom and as director of admissions and financial aid at a K-12 international school in Manhattan, she understands firsthand how school fit and proactive parenting can have a major impact on a student's growth.  Marina leverages her expertise in education, being a mom of two children with different learning profiles and personalities, and experience of relocating her family to Boulder from New York City to provide guidance and compassion to parents as they make decisions that set their child up for success.  She has empowered many families to truly understand who their child is as a learner and individual and as a result, make informed decisions that nurture their child's full potential. Marina has seen with her own children that being a proactive parent at school and home, understanding learning styles, and fostering passions while supporting challenges shapes self-confidence and success. She understands how stressful it is to move your family and provides practical and professional knowledge and a sense of warmth and calm to every client.  


Mary Strynar

Mary's enthusiasm for education and advocacy for children originated over a decade ago on a very personal level - the birth of her first child. As an engaged parent and daughter-in-law of distinguished educators, she developed an avid interest in researching educational philosophies, child development, and the importance of educating the whole child. Initially volunteering in the classroom in both public and independent schools, Mary aptly applied her 12 year professional experience as an MBA in finance and marketing to take on leadership roles in school boards & PTAs, school improvement teams, fundraising & event planning, and managing volunteer programs. Navigating the pathways for her two teenage boys with contrasting learning styles who have attended both independent and public schools in three different states, she understands the challenges of school selection, relocation, and supporting child's needs both in school and at home. In partnering with clients, Mary is attentive and recognizes the value in analyzing information in order to meet the family's needs...all with a calming presence and helping hand. 

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