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The appeal of living in Boulder has been the subject of lifestyle magazines and internet chatter - incredible climate, restaurants for both foodies and casual diners, an awareness for locally-sourced food and environmental sustainability, the Front Range as a playground for outdoor enthusiasts, a hub for startup companies, an open-minded university town, public transportation, bike-friendly paths -  yes, the reasons for relocating to Boulder are alluring for all walks of life. 


As home to the University of Colorado Boulder and three national laboratories, Boulder was recently ranked #1 across the United States in Bloomberg’s “Brain Concentration Index” which tracks employment and education in the STEM areas. With the continued influx of brainiacs moving to the Boulder area, it is no surprise that education in Boulder Valley is exceptional. Primary and secondary school options alone are plentiful, as Boulder Valley is home to approximately 35 independent schools and 58 public schools serving K-12.

Often you hear people say,

“You can’t go wrong when it comes to choosing a school in Boulder.”


Boulder Valley School District, which services over 30,000 students geographically spanning over 500 square miles, offers many excellent choices, however, not every school is going to be the right fit for every child.


School selection can be complicated...


As parents, we must think about the paradigm shifts in 21st Century education and how they continue to redefine school curriculum, teacher’s roles, and student’s demonstration of knowledge. Boulder’s private and public schools offer an array of different educational philosophies - International Baccalaureate, STEM, Advanced Placement, Core Knowledge, Waldorf, Montessori, bilingual, biliteracy to name a few. Navigating through the menu of school offerings can be overwhelming. Practical considerations when choosing a school, such as the commute, after school childcare, and other family preferences also weigh into the decision, not to mention perhaps the most important piece, the child.


As educational consultants, we urge you to look beyond what you read on the internet, school ratings, and test scores as you make this important decision for your family. You, as a parent, know your child best and keeping an open mind as you navigate your child’s educational pathway can lead to great discoveries.

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